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Is Anyone A Type 2 Diabetic And Following A Ketogenic Diet
A DiabetesTeam Member asked a question 💭

My doctor has instructed me to start this diet. He informs me that the first four days will be difficult because there will be no sugar. In your answers, could you share with me what have been the easiest changes to make? What have been the most difficult changes to make? Are you receiving any support from a dietician? Have you seen a drop in your sugar levels? Have you been able to loose weight? Have you been taken off insulin/medication because you blood sugars are under better control… read more

posted September 21, 2017
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A DiabetesTeam Member

My wife hounded me about my weight.

My doctor told me that I was diabetic. I thanked her. It was the excuse I need to fix my health. I’m 65.

At the start of a ketogenic diet you will suffer from sugar withdraw. So, replace the sugar with animal fats. Eat eggs fried in butter or fatty ground beef.

Read ingredients and nutrition labels. Find foods with zero carbs and plenty of fat, saturated fat. Avoid all vegetable oils. If it has a paragraph of ingredients don’t buy it.

A dietitian told me to make a journal. Instead, I made a chart. The headings were how I felt about 20 minutes after I ate. I recorded which food made me feel which way. I stopped eating the foods that made me feel bad. I eat the foods that make me feel good.

Experiment. I got this inflamed ankle. I ate some rice crackers. So, I stopped eating them for a week. The ankle healed. Then, I intentionally ate some more rice crackers. In about an hour my ankle started swelling again.

I eat 4 to 8 eggs a day fried in tallow or butter. Cholesterol is not unwanted gunk. It is a valuable building block of your body. Without it, you’d die. Your liver makes more cholesterol than you can eat. This is not a mistake. You need more cholesterol than you eat. There is absolutely no correlation between cholesterol in your blood and heart attacks. Stop worrying about your cholesterol.

Readings “Eat Fat Get Thin”, Barry Groves, “The Great Cholesterol Con” Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, “The Big Fat Surprise” Nina Teicholz, The “Grain Brain”, David Perlmutter.

I cook for me. My wife cooks for herself. Particular shelves in the pantry are mine.

I never got headaches. I progressed slowly into this diet eliminating one food at a time. I let my body tell me what was next to go. I didn’t force it. I respected it.

Keep a chart of your weight over time. The daily fluctuations don’t matter. It’s the trend over 3 or 4 weeks. My fluctuations are up to 1 lb per day. My trend is down 1 to 2 lbs per week. I never felt hungry, no supplements, no exercise, didn’t weigh my food, and didn’t count calories.

You only have 90mg/dL X 5L/person X 10dL/L X 1gm/1000mg= 4.5gm/person
This is about 1 teaspoon! So 30gm a day is almost 7 times as much as you have in your body. I eat 0 to 1gm of carbs per day.

I beat diabetes and have no more arthritis, bloating, heartburn, skin tabs, warts, food cravings, chest pains, panic attacks, or high blood pressure. My heart rate went down from 90s to 70s. I’ve lost 54 lbs and feel alive. I can stand up without the need to grab onto a chair.

And best of all, I get more affection from my wife. Got to love that!

posted March 5, 2019
A DiabetesTeam Member

A year ago i was told i had type 2 with readings of 19.3. so I stopped eating potatoes, rice, bread and anything with sugar in. I now eat lots of veg, fish & meat. a year on my readings are 5.5 and the doctors tells my i'm now in full remission and stopped taking metoformin 5 weeks ago and levels are still 5.5 on average. It can be done. I lost 2 stone which helped i'm sure. My parents & aunts had type 2 so it ran in the family seeing them die from it gave me lots of motivation.

posted April 1, 2019
A DiabetesTeam Member

My dietitian recommended I have a minimum of 46 carbs per meal and I must eat three meals a day. I shouldn't go over 160 carbs a day so I do get a little wiggle room. She too taught me the plate method and how to balance my meal choices. The biggest advice I have received is to exercise because of its impact on GL.

posted September 24, 2017
A DiabetesTeam Member

Regarding the keto diet and being a type 2 diabetic...I recently did some blood work for my A1C and I am now at 6.6 and came down from 7.3 from last October 2018. (last time my blood work got done) I had not relozed it had goten that high, wow! I'm almost back into the "good range" below 6.
Also I took my measurements too and I am down 16.5 inches from a year ago, yes! :o)
I am now under 200 pounds as well...Keto works! :o)

posted March 22, 2019
A DiabetesTeam Member

One year ago my doctor told me that I was diabetic. I took the challenge to do something about my health. I saw a dietitian, she told me to journal what I ate. The journal wasn't working. It told me when I ate the banana but I began to realize that it isn't when I ate the banana but that I ate it.
I made a new chart/table. Its columns were feelings that I had 15 to 20 minutes after I ate. Bad feelings: gagging, nausea, discontent, diarrhea; stretched, stuffed, full but no fed signal; pain; ache, discomfort, sneeze; hungry; thirsty; tired, exhausted; limit warning; spit it out; Good feelings: content, comfort, awake; warm, satisfied, satiated; a thank you rush; a fed signal. I didn't change my diet suddenly. It evolved over a period of about 6 months as I learned what my body did and didn't want to eat. I didn't know where it would end up.
I distinguished a difference between fed and full. If I ate properly I felt fed without feeling full. If I was full but still didn't feel fed, still opening the fridge door looking for food, than I ate the wrong food for it failed to feed me. It's not how much you eat; it's what you eat. Fibre makes me feel full but not fed. Fibre is way overrated! I don't eat a food just for fibre. I want to feel fed, not full. I wrote down what I ate under each column based on how I felt 15 to 20 minutes after I ate. I drink all the water I want. I continue to eat the good foods and avoid the bad foods. I lost 55 lbs (25kg) (4 stones).
I no longer have arthritic pain, no longer have heartburn, no more chest pains, no more stomach pains, and no more anxiety attacks. My skin is unexpectedly healthier. My heart rate has dropped from high 90s to low 70s. I can now stand up off the floor without needing to grab onto a chair or table for help. And best of all my wife hugs me more often. When I started, I had no idea how this food experiment was going to turn out. Overtime, plant based foods ended up in the bad columns and animal based foods in the good columns. To my unexpected surprise, I discovered that I was a carnivore. I now eat over 30 eggs a week, chicken legs, butter, certain cheeses, tallow, seared rare steaks, liver chopped into bits in ground beef. I do not skimp on animal fat. Fat makes me feel fed. Sugar makes me feel hungry. If I'm hungry, I have scrambled eggs in butter. And oh yes! I'm no longer diabetic.

posted March 21, 2019

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