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Is it advisable that diabetics have flu injection now

Being diabetic and a Asthma sufferer is flu injection good to get

posted 5 days ago by A DiabetesTeam User
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I always get my flu shot each year . I would never miss that as my sister almost died from the flu when she didnot get her shot. y I realize you can… read more

posted 1 day ago

My Feet are so cold... almost painfully cold... is this from my T2Diabetes?

I have always been the type to walk around barefoot and lately (I am a newly diagnosed diabetic) I find my feet are so cold that I plug in a heating pad and wrap it around my feet just to warm them up...

Curious if anyone else is eexperiencing this?

posted 7 days ago by A DiabetesTeam User
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I would check with my doctor as it may be a warning sign of poor circulation .

posted 1 day ago

Glynase PresTab

This medication has been working well for me. I have just been diagnosed with glaucoma and am wondering (because of the side effect potential) if there is any known contraindication for me to continue on this med.

posted 8 days ago by A DiabetesTeam User
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Totally agree with Kim. Take care

posted 8 days ago

low carb diet failing after 3 years

i was on a low carb diet (plus exercise) for about 3 years and was totally medication-free. My sugar was in the normal range. Now it has derailed, probably due to stress and pain etc. I still have kept up with the exercise as much as possible and with the diet. What to do? My doc is not particularly worried because my sugar is "only" in the pre-diabetes range but with the help of Metformin 500 2x daily :( i would love to get it back down to normal and am really struggling. Any… read more

tags: #metformin #low-carb #exercise

posted 10 days ago by A DiabetesTeam User
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i too would like to be med-free. i try to choose the right foods and am faithful to my exercise. i err often but i try again i test everyday but i do… read more

posted 4 days ago

I want to try to lose weight

I am tr guy Ingrid to lose a lil weight cuz sometimes I gets hungry after eating but not knowing if i can reverse the diabetes so what can i do to try and lose a lil weight to get less than 200 pounds

posted 12 days ago by A DiabetesTeam User

I am permanently leghargic

Cannot cope with pressure of job, being breadwinner and having to cope alone since my divorce 2 and half years ago. I am a type 2 diabetic

posted 12 days ago by A DiabetesTeam User

It is a lot to cope with on your own, do you have anyone to talk to? A friendly ear does help.

posted about 22 hours ago

Has anyone used ADA to help with your rights as a diabetic at work?

My boss won't let me keep glucose in the office in case of lows. He wants it locked in my locker and i kniw if I go low I'll never get to it in time or won't be able to work my combo lock. Also, he's allowed to eat all the candy he wants (and so is everyone else) in the office but if I even keep a protein bar in my kit I get snapped at for having food in the office.

posted 13 days ago by A DiabetesTeam User
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The Law is on Your side. You have a Right !!!!

posted 8 days ago

is possiable to cure dianeties 2

hi recently i using probotic drink and kerfi to control my blood sugars and say this some time cure the diabeties 2 is this possiable . they say it revitlizes the receiptors for blood sugar so control the sugar as pre diabeties and helps liver and pancress the drinks is kombosha which i love i also love the pickeled vegtable that say also helps what does evryone think

posted 13 days ago by A DiabetesTeam User
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Once a diabetic always a diabetic, currently 0 cure other then a pancreas transplant atm and even that hasnt been 100% proven effective (its still in… read more

posted 13 days ago

I have a box ( 50 ) test strips

I ordered the wrong test strips ( Ultra Trax ) 50 per box , I live in Campobello , SC , first come first serve for free . Better to give them away than doing nothing with them .

Mitchell Thompson

posted 16 days ago by A DiabetesTeam User
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