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should I start prescription drugs to lower sugar levels if i have the levels dropping through diet naturally ?

I was just diagonised with diabetes , 18 mmol/l 3 month average .. I started a keto diet and doing a 16 / 8 fasting ... it has been 2 weeks now and I have got my morning sugars to 12 mmol/l and evening to 14 mmol/l ... should I keep doing what im doing and should i consider prescriptions ?

posted 1 day ago by A DiabetesTeam User

Dr. Fung rocks! Low carb is the way t go.

edited, originally posted about 18 hours ago
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blood pressure

Diabetes is good, cholesterol is excellent, Kidney function holding steady, but my blood pressure is creeping up in spite of taking my meds every day. Where does your Dr recommend your blood pressure be?

posted 9 days ago by A DiabetesTeam User

I used to be below 130 over 70. Now I'm running above that more often. My kidney Dr originally said <140/70, but that was before the guidelines… read more

posted 1 day ago
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Has anyone tried Berberine to control their diabetes? If so how did it work and was their side effects?.

I am trying to find an alternative to prescription drugs ( Metformin) to control my blood sugar. Any suggestions?

posted 9 days ago by A DiabetesTeam User

I am on glyburide 20 mg in the morning and lantus 60 mg at night

posted 8 days ago
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Has anyone tried inositol?

Since my doctor says I don’t need medication, I was thinking I might try this. There is a brand called glucosmart, and many others. Has anyone had good results with this? I read that some people with PCOS are taking it instead of metformin, and with similar results. There was a study where type 2 diabetics added it to their oral medicine regimen and it lowered their A1C.

posted 16 days ago by A DiabetesTeam User

Interesting. Thanks for the info. I am trying to use diet and exercise with metformin but will ask my doc

posted 15 days ago
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How often do I need to replace my glucose meter?

I see I can get a free one every six months, but is that necessary? Where do you dispose of all the old meters? Also, do I need to get the control solution that tests the meter?

posted 16 days ago by A DiabetesTeam User

My ins (Medicare) allows for a replacement every 2 years, As long as you're confident with the readings, I don't see the need to replace every 6 mos.… read more

posted 9 days ago
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I find it difficult when it comes to get my lixisenatide I struggle. I ask for two boxes but I usually only get one. I am told it's expensive but the consultant prescribed it, but I don't think he realised the difficulty.

posted 17 days ago by A DiabetesTeam User

Thank you Lola I will speak with my doctor definitely see what she says. P.s that's not me in the photo it's my darling mum.

posted 17 days ago
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What to eat

I am pre-diabetic and am confused as to what I can eat fr breakfast, any tips please?

posted 19 days ago by A DiabetesTeam User

Understanding Diabetes-Related Fatigue

There are strong associations between diabetes and testosterone levels, kidney disease, and other health… read more

posted about 4 hours ago
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Blood sugar very high, 350-450. What foods will help to lower it?

posted 22 days ago by A DiabetesTeam User

Drink plenty water cinnamon is good sprinkle it on porage or ferial

posted 4 days ago
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Does anyone get bladder infections? I have had several lately and was wondering if I can take cranberry pills or if there is sugar in them.

posted 26 days ago by A DiabetesTeam User

I found out I was diabetic when I had gone to the doctors for a UTI. I do find that when I am lax with my blood sugar control I will get frequent UTI’s

posted about 21 hours ago
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my bloods reading is 20.1 diabetes 2

posted 27 days ago by A DiabetesTeam User

Thanks Suecsdy for the advice, not having carbs has helped a lot.

posted 3 days ago
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