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Which Are Healthy Basic Foods A Diabetic Person Can Eat...
A DiabetesTeam Member asked a question 💭

Lost weight sleeplessness and fatigue

It's A Week Now I'm On Insulin. Do I Have To Feel Tired, And What's The Advice?
A DiabetesTeam Member asked a question 💭

Fatigue... Only a week on insulin

A DiabetesTeam Member

B 12 is good if you are taking metformin

Y Do I Feel Sleepy Infront Of The Telly
A DiabetesTeam Member asked a question 💭
Are Bananas Good for Diabetes? How They Affect Blood Sugar Read Article...
A DiabetesTeam Member

‘Cause Hollywood is on strike….leaving us crap to watch!!!…

Could be your blood glucose is too high or you’re asking your digestive system to process heavy foods resulting in fatigue.

What Can We Do To Prevent Shakes?
A DiabetesTeam Member asked a question 💭

My daughter is a gymnast and is diagnosed during June 2016 as Pre-diabetic (14 years old). She struggles with shakes during exercise and competing which is making balancing very difficult. What can she do to prevent this shakes and fatigue?

A DiabetesTeam Member

I was at tge gym today and noticed that I had tge shakes too
I take sweets just in case
The use of my cgm is so crucial fir persons whi are exercising.
Your daughter would be an ideal candidate for… read more

A DiabetesTeam Member asked a question 💭

Does anyone have any tips, I am tired alot. Got to bed at 10, barely can get up at 6 - 6:30, I used to be up at 5 full of energy, its a huge adjustment ?
I exercise with a trainer twice a week, 50 mins. I try to walk as much as I can.
I take my meds consistently
I am always stiff and sore, whether I exercise of be sedentry
My eating could be better.....I should try for more protein at breakfast, but the rest of the day is pretty good until evening and the chips call my name

A DiabetesTeam Member

No back injury Thanks

What Causes Blood Sugars In A Type 1 Diabetic To Drop To Levels That Would Cause Seizures? See Description Before Answering.
A DiabetesTeam Member asked a question 💭

My daughter had Type 1 diabetes since the age of 10. She was only 39 when she died last year. She had lots of problems : low blood pressure, diabetic neuropathy, stomach pain, ... She researched so much on the internet and asked doctors so many questions. She knew something else was wrong, but she wasn't getting any leads. She kept going to the ER for extremely high BS, and then at one point her BS got so low ... 28 and 42, ... that she started having seizures. After treating her with several… read more

A DiabetesTeam Member

@A DiabetesTeam Member and the Epstein Bar Virus is also (more likely) in someone with an existing Auto-Immune condition (Type 1 being a biggie)

I am sorry for your loss

I Have Recently Experienced A Dramatic Drop In My Energy
A DiabetesTeam Member asked a question 💭

My tiredness is extreme. Working I find myself squatting and out of breath for several m8nutes. It last 2 hrs but sometimes all day. Shopping I can walk 50ft or less and have to sit down to catch my breath or take a break from walking. My Dr told me that my vitamin D was low,could that be the cause ? Or me not drinking enough water? I don't know how long I can keep going on like this. I'm tired and exhausted one day or days, then I'm fine an able work work or shop the next. Been going on for… read more

A DiabetesTeam Member

@A DiabetesTeam Member if the Doc has actually noted a Vitamin D deficiency then yes, that is one of the leading causes of Chronic Fatigue.

My Wife who had low Vitamin D (a good few years back) was… read more

Does Anyone Else Have Extreme Fatigue?
A DiabetesTeam Member asked a question 💭
A DiabetesTeam Member

I also take duloxetene and blood pressure meds and meds for severe back and knee pain.

Why Am I So Tired At Mid-day?
A DiabetesTeam Member asked a question 💭

I often feel extremely tired between 12 and 2 p.m.

A DiabetesTeam Member

Thank you Graham I will certainly try it🤗

How Long Does It Take To Recover From COVID After The Results Are Negative As Mine Came Back Negative Overnight Judyxx
A DiabetesTeam Member asked a question 💭

I have been taking the anti viral medication since Saturday

A DiabetesTeam Member

@A DiabetesTeam Member yes it’s a nasty virus isn’t it? I am slowly recovering from Covid too

Eat healthy meals and build your strength and I was skimping on my evening meals and I have had a good… read more