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Prescribed Lagevrio Instead Of Paxlovid Due To Medication Interaction? Is It As Good As Paxlovid?

A DiabetesTeam Member asked a question 💭

Since Paxlovid interferes with many of my medications like lipitor, the doctor recommended Lagevrio as I would be able to stay on all medications. Also given something for the cough as Musinex was doing nothing.

Anyone else got Covid and given Lagevrio instead of Paxlovid?

How did it go?

posted July 8
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A DiabetesTeam Member

Paxlovid lowers the risk of death by 84%
Lagevrio lowers the risk of death by 77%.

Both are effective.
But since you have a mild case, chances of recovering without any antivirals is close to 100% anyway.

So this is just a precaution.

At least according to the medical studies I have read.

Good luck. Who noticed the drug interactions. They are a keeper.

posted July 8
A DiabetesTeam Member

As with any medications, you can discuss with your pharmacist. Doctors diagnose and often follow protocols of medications to prescribe. A Pharmicist knows medications much better then doctors, it is their job to know everything about medications. Often it is my pharmacist who figures out that a medication interaction may happen and at times they have called my doctor to change a prescription due to my many allergies. I take a few medications which needs to be taken 2 hrs away from others, my doctor did not tell me this, but my pharmacist told me when and how to take them. Pharmacist are better placed to answer any question related to medications.

My whole household has got Covid twice in the past about 2 yrs apart, the second time around I was the only one who did not get it, but back in 2018 I developed a pneumonia following a cold and they now presume I may have had Covid as I was off work 7 months and no antibiotics helped, they tried 3 different courses, I lost my sense of taste and smell for 2 yrs, seeing there was no Covid testing back in 2018 they cannot be 100 % sure that is what I had back then, but if it was, then it explains why I was barely sick the 1st round in our house and not sick at all the 2nd round.

Hope this helps.

posted July 8

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