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Has Anyone Felt Completely Drained After Losing Weight?

A DiabetesTeam Member asked a question 💭

I have cut out carbs and lost weight 20kgs in 4 months. My blood sugar level is being managed but lm tired all the time and my immune system has taken a beating even though lve tried immune boosters. Has anyone experienced this?

posted May 18
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A DiabetesTeam Member

Hi Graham, thank you for this useful information. I have been to the doctor on Friday and that is exactly what she ordered. 🙏

posted May 19
A DiabetesTeam Member

You have obviously cut back on what you have been eating and may be a little deficient on a few vitamins and minerals

If your Doc will order a full blood panel it will show if you need to supplement something - Iron or B-12 are two "common" ones that can cause chronic fatigue and Diabetics are already prone to those deficiencies

posted May 18

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