A1c 11.8 Farxica Gave Me Uti On Basalgar Now Told To Also Take Humilin 3x And Ozempic. Too Much? | DiabetesTeam

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A1c 11.8 Farxica Gave Me Uti On Basalgar Now Told To Also Take Humilin 3x And Ozempic. Too Much?
A DiabetesTeam Member asked a question 💭

Type 2 diabetes farcical gave me uti leading to sepsis in icu 1 week

posted April 9
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A DiabetesTeam Member

It seems obvious that you need to do some of the hard work. You are eating more carbs than our damaged systems can handle.

Slowly cut your net carbs to 1 serving per meal. A serving is 15 carbs.
1 slice bread
1/3 cup potatoes, or rice, or pasta, or grains.
1/2 to 3/4 cup beans, or corn, or peas.

Sip 3-5 litres water daily.

Good luck.

posted April 9
A DiabetesTeam Member

Thanks for the advice. I remember testing urine that way when I worked. I am a huge plain water drinker so I will definitely put that into practice thanks for being so supportive

posted April 10
A DiabetesTeam Member

i did get back on the farixga after the hospital and within three days i could feel myself having the symptoms of uti i will try and take control of my eating thanks for the tips. i know i was going thru a lot of family medical issues and coped with eating badly i am retired now and adjusting to the changes in life gonna make a start

posted April 10 (edited)
A DiabetesTeam Member

Also women are more prone to UTI's to start off with, and being diabetic with uncontrolled sugar levels will cause all sorts of infections especially in women (even wounds at times which may not heal). It might not be medication related as per say, but some medications can make you more prone to infections (fungal), so again once your numbers become better managed you might see less infections, I have not had a UTI since 2020 nor fungal infections in groins (often common in women especially diabetics). Hope this helps understand a few things about diabetes.

Usual reccommendations is to no longer eat anything white : bread, rice, pasta, potatoes... switch over to whole grains or whole wheat, even rye bread (much smaller portions and good for diabetics. Stop all sodas, juices, water is better (you can buy those water flavor powder or liquids you add to water which are no sugar in them if you do not like plain water). Learn to read nutrition labels, buy breads that are much lower in Carbs if you feel you need to eat bread (make sure you read the label well, some breads will say 1 portion is 1 slice others states for 2 slices, very improtant to check those.

I myself gained wt during pandemic from inactivity (but I also had mobility issues which is why I retired early at age 55), but still manage my numbers despite the wt gain. My autoimmune diseases cause a lot of inflammation hence causing numbers to rise, hence why I stated my diet goes according to which disease is active.

I am in diabetes remission (A1C below 6.5 for more then 6 months while off medications), but if I eat foods which are not good for me my numbers will go up, I can no longer eat rice nor pasta, I will occasionally treat myself to like a Tbsp of rice or 1/3 of a portion of pasta, so I am not cured, just well managed. It will not be easy, I can tell you that much, as my spouse and stepsons still ate the foods I could no longer eat, it took me about 1 yr to convince them to eat what I was making or fend for themselves, as I got fed up of making 2 meals, especially things i loved to eat before. 1 day at a time, 1 hr at a time if need be, but never give up.

posted April 9
A DiabetesTeam Member

No such thing as too much if your A1C is 11.8 because at that level, if sustained, you will drastically shorten your life and it will be very unpleasant until it's over

posted April 9

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