Does Water Consumed Affect, Glucose Levels. My Weight 84.2 Kg Is Good. Yesterday 8.2glucose. Today 11.5 To 14. Ugh | DiabetesTeam

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Does Water Consumed Affect, Glucose Levels. My Weight 84.2 Kg Is Good. Yesterday 8.2glucose. Today 11.5 To 14. Ugh
A DiabetesTeam Member asked a question 💭
posted February 9
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A DiabetesTeam Member

@A DiabetesTeam Member no there is not an easier way

Yes, some of us do count, weigh, measure everything that we eat - after doing it for years you can eyeball it very accurately most of the time - you get used to what 3/4 cup of potato looks like etc

I have charts and lists with the calories/carbs for hundreds of (foods) in given portion sizes - I preplan my meals to (create) the balanced plate that meets my carb (for diabetes) and calorie (for weight control) restrictions

Yes, I can tell you how many carbs and calories I have eaten on any given day going back "years" because everything gets charted in a spreadsheet

And that is why so few do it - it is a lot of work

Did I say it's a ton of work?

But you can just pop some pills or take an injection and not have to do that work

But at this time there doesn't seem to be a door number 3

You either do the hard work OR take the meds

No other option that will control the disease and keep you alive

I do it because I come from a huge diabetes cluster (dozens in my family) and have seen what dying from uncontrolled diabetes looks like - using a measuring cup is certainly worth avoiding what I have seen

And I was 52 at diagnosis and I want to live to Life Expectancy (about 82 for a male in Canada) so I knew I needed to control for 3 decades if I didn't want to cut my life short, develop heart and kidney disease, go blind, maybe have a foot amputated and simply be able to walk without pain

I can only do that with near perfect blood sugar control and I can only achieve that with Lots of meds over the years or simply measure what I put into my body - because if I don't overdo it in the first place, there is nothing floating around in my blood that needs dealing with - just easier "not to put it there" then deal with it when it is

Living to see my Grandchildren Graduate or get married and being able to walk into the venue unassisted seems worth getting out the measuring cup or putting something on the kitchen scale

posted February 10
A DiabetesTeam Member

Hydration can affect blood glucose levels, especially if you are dehydrated.
Exercise can affect blood glucose levels.
Medications can help. Baby steps.

Carb control has the greatest effect on blood glucose levels. Control your numbers to 4.0(72) to 7.8(140), the normal nondiabetic range. Do some of the hard work. Baby steps.

Most diagnosed with diabetes can handle 100-130 net carbs daily.
Some can only handle and process 50 net carbs and keep their number in the nondiabetic range.
Some only 30.
Then there is me at 5 net carbs per meal. Baby steps.

Do what you need to do. You might be pleasantly surprised. You might even be able to lower your diabetes meds over time. Baby steps.

So I repeat.
Lower your carb loading.
Control your numbers, controlling your diabetes journey.
Don't let diabetes control your life.
Take control. Baby steps.

Never give up, never surrender, never ever.
You got this.
Have a wonderful day.

posted February 10
A DiabetesTeam Member

@A DiabetesTeam Member take fibre content away from total carbs to get netflix carbs/those absorbed by the body

posted February 10
A DiabetesTeam Member

how do you calculate the net carbs in your meal. All I have managed is a list of ingredients that are low carb and stick to that.Doing what you are doing would require weighing ingredients and calculating a ratio from that. Is there perhaps an easier way

posted February 10

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