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Potential Secondary Conditions Resulting From Diabetes

Potential Secondary Conditions Resulting From Diabetes

Good Day All,

Saw a similar question and answer about 3 months ago. Thought I'd revisit the the question again. I'm still young (turning 30 this year). I am extremely active (running ultra's), not overweight and follow a basic but healthy diet. Been Diabetic (type 2) for 5 years now and it appears that during this time, new conditions keep on manifesting. Would like to find out from members if they maybe experienced similar secondary conditions as below:

1. Sensitive nose (that tends to… read more

A DiabetesTeam Member said:

I have experienced I- 5,.There are explanations in my case which indicate that treatment for diabetes has precipitated them,not diabetes itself.
An additional one- UTI symptoms but no infection

edited, originally posted 14 days ago
A DiabetesTeam Member said:

5 fever
answer - we r diabetic so we easily caught if our diabetes level high so very easily we take any infection so that's y we need to take extra precautions. but it's nt mean we r very soft it's mean our immune system litl but weak comparison to normal people's. I m diabetic from last 28 years and in my company people says me bull because in 300 people's i most powerful man because I m heavy engineering work they call me bull like in hindi saand means powerful bull so don't worry and don't think about diabetes always live happy tension free eat properly but remember only healthy food I know it's hard smtime but try dear life is beautiful enjoy ..

posted 14 days ago
A DiabetesTeam Member said:

ur 1st question sensitive nose
answer - no even diabetic patients have nt same problems if u have so u need to checkup

2. high blood pressure
yes it's normal for diabetic patients because after diabetes when the patient know the patient take lots of tension how i live wt i will eat hows my life will be going on y with me very young age and y i m. this type lots of questions in the patient mind so 1st reson of blood pressure and some medicines we take regular so blood pressure will be high or low, and some time our food is nt healthy, smtime we sleep very late, smtime we r thinkin too much so all the reasons of blood pressure and we diabetic so easily our blood pressure high or low because our stamina power is lit low comparison to normal person but it's k don't worry only 1 tablet will be control our blood pressure but if we control our diet, over thinking, tension so easily we will control our blood pressure

3. Eczema
anewer - because we r taking regular insulin and taking some other medicine's so our skin will be dry and we r nt using regular body oil and other skin creams and the main reason is inside us our skin dry and we r diabetic so we r nt eat any type of milk with fat , too much oily like fried foods , butter that's y so don't worry u will proper massage on ur body with oil or cream I hope in few days u will saw result.

4. eye problem
answer - we r diabetic so easily we r nt maintain our diabetes level some people diabetes high so they lost vision slowly slowly . it's nt meaning if diabetes will be high 3 or 5 days so they will be lost the vision no if them blood sugar always high for long tym like regular they r nt checked and maintained so they will be lost the vision but nt to worry in hospital now treatment is possible if smone have ratina problem and they saw blurred so they will be maintain if they maintain diabetes and easily they will be live with ratina paoblem like 40 years or maybe 50years after ratina problem like smone is 50 year old so 30year more he will live with problem .so don't wrry.
but smtime if our diabetes level low so we also lost our vision very true it is. and that's y doctor said if smone diabetic person sugar levels low so it's very bad for him because high level they will control but low level smtime not gave the chance for go to doctor. so that's y we need to control our diabetes.
so it's mean when ur diabetes low so u will c some tym blurr but ur eyes is normal so be careful and take care of ur health

posted 14 days ago
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