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BERBERINE HCL Anyone Have Knowledge Or Experience Of Use Or Benefits?

BERBERINE HCL Anyone Have Knowledge Or Experience Of Use Or Benefits?

A DiabetesTeam Member said:

It was a traditional treatment and has been clinically studied in the last 20 years or so.

It "may" have a measurable positive effect on your blood sugar for a given individual - in studies the results varied pretty wildly.

Like ALL "traditional/natural" diabetes treatments you have to keep a couple things in mind.

First, they didn't work well enough to keep people alive - if they did then Insulin then later, other oral medication would never have been needed to be developed.

Second, as supplements they are not regulated by any (body) so if you are going to try them then it's best to stick to at least a trusted brand name that is likely to have better quality control.

I am a huge fan of supplements myself but I do "temper my expectations".

There is 'nothing' you can get in a traditional or natural that will do even half as much to control your blood sugar as a 1/2 dose of metformin.

So if you are looking for "a LITTLE help" as part of your overall program, then give it a try - odds are you will see "a difference".

But if you are looking to toss meds then save your money, you will be disappointed.

(I personally take Milk Thistle, Chromium, Apple Cider Vinegar (caplet form) and Turmeric specifically to help with blood sugar and take a Daily Probiotic and Fiber Supplements (chicory root) to help with overall digestion - so "am a fan" - but even with all that there was only a "slight but measurable change" in my blood sugar "averages")

edited, originally posted 3 months ago
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