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How Long Do I Have To Get My Act Together After Initial Diagnosis?
A DiabetesTeam Member asked a question 💭

That is an important question.

Often the reaction of someone newly diagnosed is “I needed to fix this yesterday”.

That can lead to panic, confusion about where to start and bring on stress or depression – after all, Type 2 is a pretty big topic to wrap your head around.

Most times if I reply to a new member’s initial post my first piece of advice is “try to relax and take a breath”.

I go on to say that “in general” (which means that it applies to nobody really – none of us are average but we… read more

posted February 21, 2022
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A DiabetesTeam Member

@A DiabetesTeam Member the answer to "can we figure out when" has been elusive to me.

I have tried searching for any research on that question every which way I can think of.

Tried looking to see based on say A1C - like if it's 10 does that mean X number of years or whatever or "how much worse" it would get if left year over year and either their is no answer or nobody has bothered to study that.

I know for myself I can narrow it down pretty well.

I had an A1C test in spring of 2015 and it was normal. Then I did a fasting test that August - no problem. Another fasting test (normal) in Feb of 2016 and then diagnosed in the August of 2016 with an A1C of 6.9.

So "no more than" 6 months. I never had any indication of "pre-diabetes" so if that occurred in me then it progressed over a period of weeks rather then years (like most would see).

But that seems to be in keeping with diabetes onset in my family - we just cruise along and then one day it's like a switch was flipped between normal and diabetic.

So even just based on how my onset came about it would even be tough to guess if say 2 1/2 years ago I was fine then yesterday I had it - it could have been 1 day past 2 1/2 years ago that onset happened or the day before yesterday.

I suppose one of the ways you could get some kind of answer would be to do a C-Peptide test right after diagnosis (which measures insulin output), do your thing, get control, lose the weight or whatever and then "test again".

If your number went up that would tell you "less than 3 years", if it stayed the same, it would only tell you "longer"

posted February 21, 2022
A DiabetesTeam Member

Graham, I hear you and understand about heart disease, stroke and kidney is why I limited my meats intake and mostly baked and without skin. Just giving my body time to digest my foods up to five hours with drinking water and some decaf green tea. Relaxation of reading to get away from TV, writing grateful notes to myself of motivation and peaceful music of birds or running water from a stream, some stretches, dancing just like no one is watching because you're a ballerina. You've danced in grade school but some how you can still do those moves after all these years. Just play around with it because you can 😂. I'm not a dis ease because I feel great in my body of love and doing things that makes me happier, livelier, fabulous, supportive, I'm stronger, beautiful and can see your joy even when you don't. We are loved although we go through our ups and downs 🥰❤️. We're the glue that holds us together and I appreciate you all who gives me strength through Christ to be just ourselves whether you need to cry 😢, share your feelings without judgement and I know I can do this here and with my family too praise God 💕🙏. As long as I'm still living, I'm always creating and living a joyful life with others ❤️😘.

posted February 22, 2022
A DiabetesTeam Member

@A DiabetesTeam Member that is exactly why over 1/2 of all Type 2's have an A1C of over 7 and why heart disease, stroke or kidney disease kills about 95% of us.

I'm shooting for that 5% or at the very least, making it to life expectancy before the beast takes me down or really messes me up.

posted February 22, 2022
A DiabetesTeam Member

never too early to get started and no such thing as too late

posted February 21, 2022
A DiabetesTeam Member

There is no need to wait! ACT right away, by taking tablets prescribed, diet control, exercising. Maintain weight or reduce weight loss methods. Check daily BSC and journal the TREND. Spikes and lows, pay attention, bring the value to within normal range. These steps put u into MANAGE than as a victim. Hope these help!🙂

posted February 21, 2022

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