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What Is Diabetes Remission And How Can You Get There?

What Is Diabetes Remission And How Can You Get There?

I have posted about this before but as we see new members the subject comes up in various forms in a number of discussions, so I'll yap a bit about it again.

The "definition" for Remission is achieving an A1C below 6.5 without medication, for at least 6 months after discontinuing medication and then maintaining it on an annual basis.

An A1C of below 6.5 is a great target - it will help prevent the most significant diabetic complications. If you can manage to control to "sub-6.0" that pretty… read more

A DiabetesTeam Member said:

Even if your A1C is above the 7.6 mark, there are a few of us in here who did have higher numbers and managed to come off diabetic medications.

When diagnosed my A1C was 11.9, my sugar levels were 17.5 (315) to 19.2 (345). Joining this group a few months into my diabetes helped me a lot. I was on diabetic medications for 9 months and after the 2nd try I was able to come off them completely since May 28th 2020 I am going it solo with diet alone, at the time my activity levels were not as good as they are of late, last year I could barely walk 1000 steps, now I average 4000 to 5000 even got a 6100 step one day. I have started baking and cooking the past few weeks also and working on a project requiring me moving stuff around and sorting things lol. We might also have a community garden this summer so my spouse signed me up for it lol, I have indoor gardening stuff for hydroponics which I had only kept one machine going since last summer, got discouraged when bugs invaded my crops twice within a 2 month period, but restarting slowly this past week now, 3 of my 4 roamine lettuces already have green coming out of the seeds lol after only 4 days in the Aerogarden, usually can harvest in 4 to 6 weeks. I have tomato plants that are now 437 days old, never been in earth, just hydroponics and going strong still. I prune them a lot every week or 2 and they keep producing, used to have 6 plants but some just stopped, tomatoes are not meant to produce all year round so I am amazed they still do after 437 days lol. Guess this makes my plants organic, no earth, no pesticide. just liquid plant food every 2 weeks.

1 day at a time, 1 hr at a time

posted 4 months ago
A DiabetesTeam Member said:

This group is pretty much a "free for all".

I post actively on a number of topics related to Type 2.

I'm not a Doc, no medical background at all and not a "certified" Diabetes Educator but do work with a Type 2 Wellness Group (we take "diabetes classes") to diabetics in their workplace in a series of presentations/question and answers.

I'm the "token diabetic" in the group 4 which includes 3 others that are "certified" - a dietitian, a counselor and a pharmacist.

I was asked to join by my dietitian because she said sometimes someone will say "you don't really understand because you don't have diabetes". So a "guest appearance" about 5 year back turned into a regular gig for me.

And of course their (professional presentations) became ingrained after you have heard them for the 20th time πŸ˜€

With this Covid mess we have been mostly shut down - tried a couple of Zoom presentations but not the best format.

This group allows me to "stay sharp" and gives me an outlet to keep from losing what I have learned.

Or maybe I just like to hear myself talk 🀣

posted 5 months ago
A DiabetesTeam Member said:

Jump right in - that is a great A1C - well controlled you should be proud of that and the metformin helps - take the help and never feel like you should be able to do it all by yourself.

However, if you get your numbers down just a touch more the Doc may suggest (or be open to the suggestion) of dropping one or both of those tabs and seeing how you can do on your own.

But simply going from 12 to under 6.5 is an amazing transformation - good for you πŸ˜€

posted 5 months ago
A DiabetesTeam Member said:

Don't stop πŸ™‚ doing what you do, 'cause like you said...sometimes you have to hear it 20 times or more before some of it sticks. Afterall...took me 15 yrs and finding this site to really begin understanding and taking this beast seriously (testing BS and taking meds just wasn't enough and my A1C's slowly rose...but might have done that anyway as you've indicated in other posts...this beast can be unpredictable even when you try). When learning and practicing better choices started happening (and retiring so I had time and energy to focus on me) I did see improvement before we left for vacation. I am still trying, but haven't found much in the way of diabetic friendly menus here...and I am even learning to like avacados & guacamole (when you are hungry enough, you will try almost anything until you like it...except quinoa...can't do quinoa...I've really tried πŸ₯΄), so I really am trying (except for Kahlua shots in my morning coffee. Afterall, I am on my first vacation in 2 yrs and as you pointed out in another post, sometimes you have to chose quality 😊 of life over quantity πŸ˜”. What's a vacation worth if you can't enjoy one or two of the finer things...after all, I am eating πŸ₯‘ and almost liking it πŸ˜€). Anyway, coffee (with Kahlua) done. Time to get ready for a beautiful day and a concert by Gordon Campbell at the historical theatre here. Have a lovely day all 😎.

posted 5 months ago
A DiabetesTeam Member said:

That is very encouraging. I have been working on getting my number below 7. I am in my 3rd month of 6.9 and lower, for the first time in many years. I also have been able to reduce the number of units of insulin I have been taking.
It helps to be encouraged to fight this beast, and never give up, never give in!

posted 5 months ago
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