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Help With Increased Fasting Sugars While Eating Low Carb

Help With Increased Fasting Sugars While Eating Low Carb

Just started eating a low carb diet (4 days in)to try and reduce my A1C (7.7) after not eating well. However, my fasting sugars have gone up significantly. Has this happened to anyone else? Will it begin to level off as my body adjusts. Looking for suggestions and help

A DiabetesTeam Member said:

Give it some time.

We think of our blood sugar levels as a singular thing but there is two different sources. Sugars converted from the food we eat (dietary sugars) and sugars synthesized, stored and released by our own bodies (metabolic sugars driven mostly by hormones).

It is easy for us to effect dietary sugars. We simply "don't stuff crap into our mouth". It takes a little more time to "fix and regulate" our metabolism, particularly after years of abuse, to better manage our fasting numbers.

The process of reducing fasting numbers (without medication with metformin or basil insulin being the only two real treatments) takes "some time" - think weeks or months to make a significant difference.

So while changing your diet has an immediate effect on your post meal numbers, while it will eventually move your fasting numbers, it's not a "do this today, see the result tomorrow" kinda thing.

What can also have a significant effect on fasting numbers is regular exercise - and it doesn't have to be "high impact" - walking 20 minutes a day will allow you to produce some of the hormones that will help balance fasting sugars.

Losing weight if you need to (getting BMI below 25 with the lower 20's being ideal) will likewise change hormone levels that jack fasting sugars.

Getting a decent nights sleep (6 hours), eating breakfast within the first hour that you wake up (even if your fasting numbers are high and you are hesitant) will all go a long way to getting your metabolism regulated and working more like it should. And that will do more to improve fasting numbers then anything you put in your mouth (or don't put in your mouth).

Fasting Sugars have almost nothing to do with what you eat.

posted 15 days ago
A DiabetesTeam Member said:

Thanks, I'll try that

posted 15 days ago
A DiabetesTeam Member said:

If you are so motivated you can try taking a daily probiotic (I don't mean the expensive ones for IBS - just a daily maintenance 5 or 10 billion cell from any of the vitamin companies) and/or add in a fiber supplement.

Benefiber is a little better then Metamucil (the no sugar added version) but either - just mix a teaspoon into a glass of water (I add it to my coffee) a couple times a day will also help "a little".

The probiotics and/or the fiber improves "gut health" and it is actually a hormone produced by small intestine that (primarily) causes us to release our "own produced" insulin. So the more "tuned up" we get that process the better insulin release we get which burns blood sugar a little (and the circle goes round and round).

As a consequential benefit you stay more regular and tend to alleviate any occasional upset stomach or heartburn etc. Plus get a number of other "non-diabetic" health benefits - better uptake of vitamins/minerals etc

So worth a try if you looking to work on your "overall health" and many of us do jump on that bandwagon when Diabetes gives us a wake-up call.

edited, originally posted 15 days ago
A DiabetesTeam Member said:

Thank you Graham. I appreciate the input. That makes me feel a little better. Was disheartening to see my fasting numbers rise. I'll hang in there and keep plugging away.

posted 15 days ago
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