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Once You Have Been Diagnosed Type 2 Can You Ever Totally Reverse That And Be Normal Again?

Once You Have Been Diagnosed Type 2 Can You Ever Totally Reverse That And Be Normal Again?

There seems to be some misconceptions, and a lot of Internet claims that you can totally reverse your Type 2 and be NORMAL again.

So I'm going to explore a bit of exactly what you would have to achieve for that to be true - hint - nobody has ever achieved that, period.

The terms "remission" and "reversal" have been tossed around for a number of years. Finally, the worlds leading diabetes experts agreed on a standard to be "deemed" in Remission.

It is defined (paraphrased) as having an A1C… read more

A DiabetesTeam Member said:

There is some hope.

Right now they are running trials in Chicago for something called the Edmonton Protocol - a semi-permanent treatment for Type 1's that has similar implications for Type 2's.

They implant a (pouch) under the skin in the arm and "refill it" with Islet Cells, the same as a normal person has in their pancreas (Type 1's have killed these cells off and Type 2's have varying degrees of deficiency).

These cells "get the call" for insulin and release what is needed just like a non-diabetic.

Some of the early patients (pre-phase trials) - all Type 1 have lived "over a decade" without having to take a single insulin shot - quite an amazing feat. But they do have to have the "gas tank" refilled at some regular interval.

Currently they are using "human harvested" Islet Cells so until they can figure a way to produce them in a Lab synthetically the use would be very limited but at least they are perfecting the process in the mean time.

But that still would beg the question - would that be considered a "cure" or simply a "treatment" to arrive at "normal".

Even if the only thing you do as a Type 2 is "alter your diet" that doesn't mean you are no longer Diabetic.

Unless you can eat 2 pizza's followed by a 6 pack of regular Coke and not blow up your blood sugar you are Now and always will be Diabetic.

We have to not confuse "controlled to normal" with "returned to normal" - not the same thing...

posted 6 months ago
A DiabetesTeam Member said:

You know I have heard it, but I have also heard that it is like being an alcoholic ( but only in the since of ) Once a diabetic always a diabetic. For me if your pancreas does not work right...(unless I suppose you get a new Pancreas. But Iv never heard of anyone having a transplanted pancreas yet) But if your pancreas does not work right you will always be a diabetic. Yes you are so correct on that word "Control"
I truly love your post today.
I will never be totally "Normal" and that is ok. I will however try my best to be in control and help my health.

posted 6 months ago
A DiabetesTeam Member said:

I've never been normal, I like me just as I am, why would I want to be normal.

I would like to be nondiabetic though. But alas, not in the cards for now. Maybe a non invasive glucose monitor in the future would help, better management.

Never give up, never surrender, never ever.
You got this.
Have a blessed day.

posted 6 months ago
A DiabetesTeam Member said:

I have not heard of anyone claiming they are freed. Biological damage is like radiation damage, cells tune into a new bioactivity mode. Correction by medicines is of great help, like insulin.

posted 6 months ago
A DiabetesTeam Member said:

I had known about kidney transplants @A DiabetesTeam Member but I had never heard about pancreas.. Thank you for this information

posted 6 months ago
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