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Am I Too Harsh And Lack Compassion?

Am I Too Harsh And Lack Compassion?

Most who read my posts become very aware that I don't tend to sugar coat anything.

Maybe that is because I have been dealing with Diabetes my entire life. My Parents, Grandparents, Great-Grandparents, Uncles/Aunts and cousins all have/had diabetes, at least the overwhelming majority of them, so if you are a "normal" member of the family, you likewise have Diabetes.

It didn't mean your life was over. It didn't mean that you life was limited, it was simply a genetic trait no different then… read more

posted November 21, 2021
A DiabetesTeam Member

@A DiabetesTeam Member
I am new to this social media and IMO (in my opinion) I do not believe that you are harsh or lack compassion.
I am Neurodivergent and the way my brain has always been "very forward". I feel being straightforward is adequate.
This isn't about getting liked or being friendly. This 'disease' doesn't give two hoots about that. It's you HAVE to change your lifestyle or bear the consequences.
I hope you have a good day. I do enjoy your posts. Stay Positive my friend.

posted November 22, 2022
A DiabetesTeam Member


You are a godsend with practical tips and ongoing advice that is frank and realistic. My youngest memory is of grandfather"s toe amputations and heart attacks. My mother and aunt ended type 3 diabetes and that is type 2 diabetes with dementica and .this was wrenching and very real. It is a real battle and each of us needs to educate yourself yourselves along diet changes, exercising and supporting medications, if needed. .I was not surprised at my diagnosis but I ashamed that I let myself go while taking care of mother's multiple complications. Now two years later, I am 100 % healthier and 60 pounds lighter better than I have felt in 20 years. It is scary and battling the monster takes work each day.
I love your daily questions they keep me going.
I am so thankful for your friendship, support and ongoing education.

Colleen and Jeff

posted November 23, 2021
A DiabetesTeam Member

Hey we are diabetics here we can't sugar coat anything. Your posts explain the reality of diabetes not what someone wants to here. You put info into a format that is easy for the average person to understand. I appreciate your posts. Glad you are on this site.

posted November 22, 2021
A DiabetesTeam Member

My family history is the same; dad grandparents great grandparents etc. I went to a specialist that called me a historic diabetic. I was going to get it no matter what I did. I had it around 25 years old and out of three brothers two got it; mid to late 50's.

posted November 21, 2021
A DiabetesTeam Member

@A DiabetesTeam Member all you post have great informations, and they help me to understand more about diabetes and the meds i takes. I am sure that lots of people here also apreciate your post.

@A DiabetesTeam Member your post also help us a lot. With your background you have some much knowledge that if i need info i know i can ask you or GrahamLamb.

posted November 21, 2021

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