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Protein In Urine
A DiabetesTeam Member asked a question šŸ’­

I have been diagnosed as having protein in my itinerary. I am currently taking medicine for this but recently just had another urine test done. Now my dr wants to see me Iā€™m person to give me the results. Is having protein in your urine serious?

posted November 9, 2021
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A DiabetesTeam Member

There are many causes of passing protein in urine, but normally protein should never be removed from the blood and into the urine. Once the cause is found they will treat. Many times in the past I used to have urine infections and passed proteins, but the kidneys recovered once treated. I was long term steroid hence frequent infections. But sometimes protein in urine can be complication from other health issues such a diabetes.

I am posting a link here you can read :

They at times will order a urine culture test, or even do a 24 hrs urine culture test or just a simple urine analysis, some doctors can spin the urine in a machine to find out of infections. Hopefully it is something simple. But some diabetics do develop CKD (chronic kidney disease, or other term renal failure). I am a retired nurse and work in dialysis the last 15 years of my career so I know a few kidney diseases.

You might want to ask your doctor what your eGFR is = % of kidney function, or some use stages such as 1 to 5. Once you see your doctor you can always ask me questions if I know the answer I will help as best I can.

But most times it is simply a urine infection which women are more prone to, the reason being is our urethra is much shorter then men and easier to get infections seing our urinary tract is more exposed.

posted November 9, 2021
A DiabetesTeam Member

I am going through the same thing. It could be from a number of things, one being UTI. Urinary tract infection.šŸ˜’

posted November 9, 2021
A DiabetesTeam Member

Yes I always have protein in my urine

posted November 10, 2021

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