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Need Advice

Need Advice

Hello! I have Type 2 Diabetes and I'm trying to control my blood sugars and lose weight. I lost 12 pounds so far on a weight loss program my insurance set me up with, but it counts calories and not carbs and my doctor wants me to do low-carb. However, he does not recommend the Keto diet as it has a strict regimen. I'm now at a plateau. My last A1C was 6.6, but I was recently diagnosed with a fatty liver. I need help on finding a meal plan that I can easily follow. I spoke to a dietician who… read more

A DiabetesTeam Member said:

I have a few health issues which makes the diabetes diet not good for me. I have gastroparesiss and many GI issues since birth. I chose to use Keto friendly foods (not Keto diet as way too low in Carbs, the real Keto is 20 Carbs and not recommended for people on insulin either, there is lazy Keto at 50 Carbs per day, but even that is too low Carbs for me as I tend to go hypo). Which is why I say Keto friendly foods and not Keto diet as I take in 90 to 110 g of Net Carbs per day. Spoke to my doctor in her office today and she had a student doctor so both were interested once they saw my labs what exactly was I doing, so I explained to them I take 100 Carbs per day but instead of using white or whole wheat flours I use Keto foods amde with almond flour, needless to say they both took notes as they were impressed with my labs especially the cholesterol and HDL and LDL everything has improved, yet as I told them I do the LCHF (low Carbs high fat) Keto foods, I explained to both of them that diabetes diet is nothing white as in bread pasta rice potatoes, and gastroparesis is everything white, so the 2 diets clash together, so I explain the in between diet that works for me. When 2 doctors tell you "wait a minute let me write this down", you know they are interested in what you are saying. My doctor stated she will follow me for now diabetes wise that all my labs improved so much I do not need an Endo right now, that to continue my diet as it is obviously working well for me.

Every diabetic is different, but when you add conditions such as gastroparesis or kidney disease it becomes complicated, my modified diet is closer to kidney diet then diabetic diet for sure. It takes time to figure out what works for your own diabetes. But the sooner a CKD (chronic kidney disease) patient switches over to kidney diet the better for their kidneys. A kidney dietician is best for kidney diseases.

posted 9 months ago
A DiabetesTeam Member said:

Kidney disease diet and diabetes diet have some overlap, but do the Kidney diet pretty religiously. Kidney disease has immediate bad effects. Diabetes bad stuff happens years later.

posted 9 months ago
A DiabetesTeam Member said:

Hi @A DiabetesTeam Member,
how can I help,
I'm diagnosed in February so I'm a newbie.

I've been controlling my diabetes with right eating, portion control, Japanese science and medicine,  exercise if your doctors allow, attitude, and a compelling reason to do what is necessary. I sleep 6-7 hours nightly, 8 is better. I do 10-15 minutes self care daily.

I plate my food before eating on a 7 inch plate --- portion control. The Japanese say 1/2 plate of very low carb vegetables, 1/4 plate of protein, 1/4 plate of high fiber or whole grain carb or carb friendly fruit.

The Japanese say to eat in this specific order. First 2 bites vegetables, eat slowly and savor each bite. Next protein, next carb. Repeat this order till done. Savor each bite, eat slowly. The Japanese surmise that your digestion rate is set by the first 2-3 bites it sees. So the body digests more slowly flattening the glucose spike.

The Japanese also say to walk 10-15 minutes immediately after eating. this redirects blood from digestion to your muscles and slows digestion, flattening the glucose spike.

Glucose spikes are the enemy and lead to many of the complications associated with diabetes. Such as neuropathy, retinopathy, kidney disease, heart disease, blindness, brain damage, etc.

My go to very low carb vegetables are cruciferous - cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, bok Choi, brussel sprouts, napa cabbage, Chinese cabbage, kale, etc. - and cucumbers, egg plant, zucchini, summer squash, some spaghetti squash, green beans, snow peas, sugar snap peas, mushrooms, tomatoes, carrots, parsnips, radishes, beets, turnips, rutabaga, asparagus, greens of all types including spinach, lettuces, collards, turnip greens, radish greens, poke weed, etc, young fiddlehead ferns, celery, green onions, leeks, chives, onions, garlic, parsley, mints, dandelion greens, endive, watercress, gourmet greens, ginger, cilantro, basil, some flower pedals like mints, pansies, chamomile and squash blossoms. I eat avocado too and put it in this category.

Welcome aboard and into our family. Praying for you. Love you. Want only the best for you. That's what family does.

Beat down your diabetes monster one baby step at a time. I can do baby steps. Don't let diabetes control your life. Enjoy your life on your terms. Rejoice in both the good times and the not so good. I wish for you more good days than bad and have many exceptional days too.

You are the warrior you never knew you were.
You got this.
Never give up, never surrender, never ever.
Have a blessed day.

Henry Kamei Curley Loves Heather Curley

posted 9 months ago
A DiabetesTeam Member said:

What do you eat. I've been in remission twice but by ONLY eating chicken, fish and green veggies. Can't sustain that over long periods. Everything else raises sugar.

posted 8 months ago
A DiabetesTeam Member said:

It depends on your dietician and or Endo, my Endo told me to eat 5 to 6 small meals per day as sugar levels remain stable without the high spikes of the usual 45 to 60 Carbs meal, so I spread my Carbs throughout the day. I eat 90 to 110 Net Carbs per day total. Net Carbs is Carbs minus the Fiber (as fiber does not get converted into sugar during digestive process, but all other Carbs get transformed into pure sugar during digestion, so the 45 45 60 = 150 might not be the Net Carbs but more the average all Carbs total which is what I used to do in the begining which I took in 150 total Carbs so this equals to your 150 Carbs from your doctor. Most in here calculate Net Carbs so the number is usually around 100 Net Carbs per day.

I was on diabetic medications for 9 months and have been managing my diabetes with diet alone for 16 months now, so my plan works well for me and my diabetes, but everyones diabetes is different when you factor in other health issues. Some people do well with 150 Carbs other not, but again 150 total Carbs does equal mostly 100 Net Carbs so it comes out to the same. But for some people eating only 3 meals a day causes huge spikes so spreading throught the day might help prevent high spikes and keep sugar level stable throughout the day.

Even our dietician in dialysis told diabetic patients (I am now retired nurse) she would tell our patients to eat 5 to 6 times per day smaller meals to regulate their sugar levels better and not spike. So maybe your dietician made a plan according to your need but other people might do better with other plans.

Diabetes is a progressive disease and we are all at different stages in our metabolism, so different stages equals to different plans. My dad does 4 meals per day with his diabetes but he is 80 yrs old and his doctor tolerates a little higher sugar levels then someone my age, he just got diagnosed last year himself.

posted 9 months ago
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