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Has Anyone Had Gastric Bypass To Reverse Type2?

Has Anyone Had Gastric Bypass To Reverse Type2?

I’m considering having gastric bypass surgery to help lose weight and control my type 2 diabetes.

A DiabetesTeam Member said:

It is recommended as an option that doctors should consider/suggest when other treatments have been ineffective.

The recommendation came in 2018 from the group of Type 2 experts that get together every few years to re-write the guidelines that pretty much all doctors, at least in the Western countries, use for the treatment of their Type 2 patients and the recommendation has been adopted at the national level in the US/UK Canada/Australia etc.

So if this bunch think it's a good idea if the criteria is met, then why not.

(had a debate with myself here, but decided to post the following)

I have only ever personally known one person that underwent the surgery. She died 2 weeks after the procedure, a direct complication as a result of the surgery - started bleeding internally and initially mistook it for a bit of upset stomach.

I wasn't going to mention it at all but ultimately felt that it is important to realize that while this might be somewhat "routine" now it still is "surgery" and complications can arise.

So the decision to proceed should not be taken lightly. The benefits as well as the possible adverse effects must be carefully considered and weighed against the potential benefit.

But that is just as true with something as simple as an oral medication because anytime you introduce a (foreign chemical) into your body or undergo a surgical procedure, you are placing yourself at risk - so the "payoff" must outweigh the (danger) and should be the least invasive option.

In the case of surgery I personally would want it to be the "final straw" after all other reasonable courses of treatment have been tried and proven ineffective. But that is just my view.

posted 10 months ago
A DiabetesTeam Member said:

This is a good question. My husband is type 2 diabetic and his diabetes has affected his cholesterol so he takes meds for both. Diabetes has affected his vision in one eye and other parts of his body. I'm not a diabetic but I do take a medication for hypertension but my doctor said because I often eat fish 🐠, tuna, salmon and sardines although I eat chicken and turkey 🦃 is why my cholesterol is good numbers. Although I eat healthier foods as though I was a diabetic especially since I was diagnosed in February 2021as pre diabetic but when I returned in 3 months my sugar numbers was much better because I changed my diet and often walked and I'm keeping my weight at 160 pounds which gives me more energy and I feel better. Just sharing.

posted 5 months ago
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