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Is It Safe To Take Supplements For Diabetes ( Diabetes Doctor 24 Hours)?

Is It Safe To Take Supplements For Diabetes ( Diabetes Doctor 24 Hours)?

I have been taking a supplement for diabetes for about two weeks and want to know if it is safe?

A DiabetesTeam Member said:

That particular supplement, which is combination of about half a dozen vitamins, spices and traditional treatments is totally safe.

All the ingredients have been clinically studied (somewhat recently), they all "might help a little" and none of them are in the (recipe) at a high enough dose to mess with other diabetes meds.

One, a few or all the (supplements) might be of benefit to you - some of them might do nothing and one or two (the vitamin B12 as an example) might provide no benefit unless you are B-deficient.

I was interested in this supplement but seemed expensive for what it could provide even if you got maximum benefit from each of the ingredients. If one or two of them worked "really well" you could get the individual product for considerably less money and in a better dose - this really is a "little bit of this and that".

I take one of the ingredients myself (milk thistle) - I get 2 months worth for like 9 bucks and at least so far, it looks like it works well "for me" all by itself.

When you take a (group) of them - I think it's 7 in this case, if you see a positive effect you don't really know "which" ingredient is actually working all by itself or if you need their combination.

But certainly it is "safe" and is a reasonable "addition" to your overall diabetes management plan.

edited, originally posted 7 months ago
A DiabetesTeam Member said:

i just started taking Cinnamon and it has helped my glucose levels come down i am also going to start taking Milk thistle soon which is a liver cleanse it is recommend for ppl with diabetis to do this i am new to Diabetis was diagnosed march of 2021 so am still learning what is good to eat and reading nutrition labels and all that and to stay below a certain amount of Sugar grams when u shop i have been doing pretty good and i have lost some weight i also switched to protein shakes for breakfast and lunch my Doctor is very supportive of this and the protein shakes curb my appitite which helps alot i am on alot of Med
i also have Epilepsy and am also on a C pap machine at night and now just Diagnosed with type 2 Diabetis not fun . i am glad i found this site so i can have some support and meet some friends God bless

posted 6 months ago
A DiabetesTeam Member said:

You may want to speak to your pharmacist to make sure any supplement you take does not interact with any prescription medications you have, they can advise you better also

posted 7 months ago
A DiabetesTeam Member said:

Thank you so very much

posted 7 months ago
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