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I Am Type 2 And 51yrs Old. I Want To Add Muscle. Can I Drink Protein Shakes Or Vitamins?
A DiabetesTeam Member asked a question 💭

I am starting to lift weights and workout with a boxing bag.
Can i drink protein shakes to help add muscle? What if i went to GNC, are there vitamins to help add muscle.
I know a big part of this discipline with eating, but i do OK with that.
i do cardio and don't lose weight or add any muscle.
I am not losing weight, which is why i am trying weights along with cardio.

Thanks for your help and advice.

posted February 17, 2021
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A DiabetesTeam Member

What trainers usually tell you (I hired some in the past at gyms), is to take a protein shake after your training session to help repair the muscles you worked out. When you do wt's you cause micro tears in the muscles and to repair they need proteins, so within 1 hr of working out is when you have to take the shake, it is better to train on empty stomach (but as a diabetic sugar levels while training do either go up or drop quickly, so I found that sipping apple juice while training kept the sugar stable for me to get home and take my protein shake at home. Do check your sugar levels before exercising.

Now what I have found that works for me when I am able to train (I have 4 herniated back disc and both shoulder tendinitis so have not trained for a while now), but when I dog sat for my neighbor and had to go walk him my sugar the first time dropped so fast in that 35 min walk I went hypo, so on other days I tried eating a Carbs snack around 10 Carbs or so 1 hour before training or walking and it helped.

Do not exercise within 1 hour of eating though, as your body sends more blood to stomach to help digest, which then leaves less blood to the circulation and it can cause cramps, it also can cause heart attacks if you have heart issues (I am a retired nurse and did worked cardiac intensive care unit and that is when I learned about the 1 hour after meal of no exercise as that is when people tend to have a heart attack even when not exercising).

Long story short for your heart's well being, never exercise within 1 hour of eating, taking sips of juice to keep sugar levels stable or eat 1 hour before exercising as your sugar levels rise within 2 hrs of eating, therefore exercising 1 hour after eating is best time as your sugar levels have less chances of dropping as they are still increasing from your meal, so that should cover for 30 min to 1 hr of exercise. But every diabetic is different and always make sure you have sugar tabs with you when exercising or walking in case your sugar drops more quickly. Checking sugars often when you training helps understand how your diabetes works.

posted February 17, 2021

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