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Can Low Iron And Spikes In Sugar Make You Sleep For Hours?

Can Low Iron And Spikes In Sugar Make You Sleep For Hours?

Hello, I'm taking an iron supplements and I am feeling a little better today. But the last two days I've been sleeping so much. Part of it is I had to take a little Xanax to help me sleep and Flexeril hours earlier. So I think it was that, but I also ate a ton of ice cream and chocolate. So I'm trying to figure out which it is. My blood sugar this morning is 144

A DiabetesTeam Member said:

You have many things that cause sleepiness. Yes being anemic can make one feel tired. Iron makes the hemaglobin in the blood which carries the oxygen to the cells. Low levels makes you tired. Diabetes can make you tired. Blood sugar running a sudden high and the dropping by putting sugar in the system can make one tired. Such as the sugar from ice cream and chocolate. The sugar raises the blood level but burns quickly and that drop in normal people causes hunger and sleepiness. Both the xanax and the flexiril causes sleepiness.If taken frequently some can get use to it and not feel the effects as much but taken occasionally the effects are there. Some of the effects can last longer than the medication is suppose to last. If you combine all of these things together you could very easily feel especially tired. A blood sugar in the morning of 144 is fantastic to me because if I ate ice cream and chocolate the night blood sugar in the morning would probably be in the 300 to 400 range. As I get older I find that sugar is a strange thing. In small babies up to about a year we can give a solution of sugar to them and it takes pain away and mellows them that we can do some proceedures on them and they just stay mellow. I think it must have that affect diabetics in the same way and that is why the higher our blood sugars are the sleepier we can get especially if it is a rapid increase.

posted 7 months ago
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