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Having To Switch Meds. Because Of Going On Medicare. Doc. Put Me On Novolog Mix 70/30. What Can I Do Not To Gain Weight?
A DiabetesTeam Member asked a question 💭
posted November 22, 2018
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A DiabetesTeam Member

reduce carbs and eliminate sugar, increase healthy saturated fats in your diet, Check out

posted February 3, 2019
A DiabetesTeam Member

That's definitely the money question. If you find the answer, please share.

posted December 16, 2018
A DiabetesTeam Member

Adore Avocados

Great mashed into dip or used as as a spread instead of mayo, avocados are a good source of both fiber and heart-healthy omega-3 fats. One cup of pureed avocado has more than 15 grams of fiber — but also 368 calories and nearly 34 grams of fat, according to the USDA, so remember that a little goes a long way. Weisenberger suggests substituting 1 tablespoon of mashed avocado for 1 tablespoon of butter when baking and opting for a slice of avocado in place of cheese on your favorite sandwich.

posted December 5, 2018
A DiabetesTeam Member

I used Bydureon with really good results. Find out which meds are approved an choose from those.

posted November 27, 2018
A DiabetesTeam Member

Have never been on that!!! Wish I could help

posted November 24, 2018

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