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Does Diet Sodas Cause Higher Fasting Glucose Levels?

Does Diet Sodas Cause Higher Fasting Glucose Levels?

I have recently experienced higher fasting glucose levels over the course of about 6 weeks. Normally, I am at 80- 120 in the mornings, but lately have been about 140- 160. The only big difference of late, I can pin point is,.. I have been drinking, maybe 1 can of diet sodas with my evening meals. I have also had sinus/ allergy issues about the same time (farmers in the locale are harvesting- kicking up dust & mold). Just trying to get a grip on whether the issue is in the sodas (as my diet has… read more

posted October 17, 2017
A DiabetesTeam Member

Diet soda is just chemicals . Un natural. You will lose weight if you stop the diet sodas . I promise. One simple change .

posted March 1, 2018
A DiabetesTeam Member

Gail you couldn't be more wrong about sweeteners. Yes they do spike your sugar maybe you should talk to your doctor he'll tell you. The difference is that when you have artificial sweeteners it does spike your sugar they just come down your numbers come down quicker. When you eat real sugar it stays in your body longer and the your numbers come down slower. If you like I can send you some information on it

posted August 8, 2019
A DiabetesTeam Member

PLEASE sodas ARE BAD....JUST BAD....especially if they contain ASPARTAME....even all the other artificial sweetners are just as bad....learn the names of all these damaging chemicals and get rid of them.....we got a Soda Stream machine to have seltzer with lemon,'s a substitute that won't kill you....

posted November 6, 2017
A DiabetesTeam Member

My diabetic nurse tells me blood sugars can go up as the disease progresses. I was doing fine for about a year, then all of a sudden, my bs went up quite a bit. When I spoke to her about this, I was told stress and the natural progression of the disease can change our numbers. Has anyone else received this information?

posted October 27, 2017
A DiabetesTeam Member

I haven't had any sodas in years. I drink water and ice tea unsweetened. And coffee in the am. Its best to stay away from them. They still spike your sugar, it's just your sugar comes down quicker with fake sugar than real sugar. If I'm going to have something sweet I'd rather waste my sweetness on something really good not a soda

posted July 10, 2019

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