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How Do We Make Have Diabetes Fun?
A DiabetesTeam Member asked a question 💭

It gets so stressful at times but what are ways we can enjoy this.

posted May 8, 2017
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A DiabetesTeam Member

I have no clue. I don’t seem to have a hard time with my diabetes, yes I’ve got a lot going on medically - must be my personality, as I’m usually laughing about something. Bettter to find humor in things, makes life easier for me

posted April 28, 2018
A DiabetesTeam Member

we are all here too help each other !!! it can be fun if YOU make it fun .... get friends and walk, talks go out and eat with some friends and enjoy life to its most like some one said take some cooking class

posted June 15, 2017
A DiabetesTeam Member

Just take one day at a time go for walks now the weather is getting better keep your chin up be happy xc

posted May 12, 2017
A DiabetesTeam Member

Take a low carb cooking class, it's a great way to meet people and find low carb meals you can really enjoy. Live in the moment, trust in yourself to solve the next problem thrown at you.

posted May 10, 2017
A DiabetesTeam Member

If you can add a friend with diabetes you can make fun bets about who can get their numbers better and have little contests with each other. Makes it fun and helps you both reach goals. Good luck. 🍀

posted May 14, 2017

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