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Since insulin cannot be taken orally, it is usually injected subcutaneously (under the skin). Some types of insulin are available for injection by insulin pen.

What does it involve?
Insulin pens are small, lightweight devices that resemble large ink pens. Most insulin pens have removable needles that should be replaced for each use. Insulin pens may be disposable or durable. Disposable pens come prefilled with insulin, while durable pens must be filled with insulin cartridges.

Some people with diabetes find insulin pens easier to handle and more discreet to carry. Insulin pens may be easier to use while traveling because they can be kept at room temperature for several days.

Some insulin pens offer features such as large print for those with vision problems, memory that records your last few doses, or audible clicks to help verify how many units you have selected for dosage.

Some health insurance plans do not cover insulin pens.

Reusing needles for insulin pens can increase your chances for infection. Reused needles become dull, which may cause more pain during injections.

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