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Humulin N is a prescription drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat diabetes in adults and children. Humulin N is also referred to by its drug name, Human insulin [rDNA origin] isophane. Your doctor may prescribe another type of insulin or an oral medication such as Metformin to take along with Humulin N.

Humulin N is an intermediate-acting insulin.

How do I take it?
Prescribing information states that Humulin N should be administered via a subcutaneous injection. Your doctor will explain when and where you should inject Humulin N and how to measure your dosage. Humulin N may be used to control your blood glucose levels between meals or overnight.

Humulin N comes as a liquid in vials or prefilled pens.

Side effects
The FDA-approved label for Humulin N lists common side effects including hypoglycemia (low blood glucose) and minor redness or irritation at injection sites.

Rare but serious side effects listed for Humulin N can include a systemic allergic reaction and heart failure.

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